About Us

Our History

Started in the Biltmore Hotel in 1939, the AOGC (then known as the AGC) has always been known as the prominent voice representing road construction in Oklahoma. For over 80 years we have worked to provide members with the best information possible, access to key individuals in state government, and hosted an abundance of member-only events that allow for networking and team building.

Ways We Serve You

We have polled the membership several times throughout the last 15 years, and the feedback has been consistent. AOGC members want three things from their association.

  1. We lobby. We lobby aggressively an unapologetically. The AOGC is committed to carrying the message that infrastructure spending is critical to the future of this state. But we also lobby the governmental agencies you work with every day. We work closely with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Oklahoma City, and the City of Tulsa. Anywhere our members work, we try to have an influence.
  2. We gather and distribute information. You need accurate and timely information to run and plan for your business. We use our contacts in the various departments, state legislature, governor, and our federal delegation to get you the best information possible- fast!
  3. Networking. Your AOGC team is constantly organizing meetings for member networking, ODOT/OTA networking, or political networking on behalf of you, our member.